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77.7 m



12 m


Shipyard / Studıo


Mogul 777 is a 255 feet (77.7m)  super yacht concept with the sporty and sleek lines which aims to connect owner and the quests with nature and the sea. This idea lead us to create open and funcitonal open spaces yet with engaging experiences. The yacht has 2 swimming pools, one open in the owner’s deck and one closed in the beach club and on the sun deck it has jacuzzi with panoramic view.

In the bow of the owner’s deck we have a touch and go helipad, on the aft we have huge open social spaces. This is the best part of the yacht where owner can host parties and spend time with friends and family. Furthermore, increase to the beam (12 m) has permitted an additional owner’s deck with a forward facing suite that has panoramic views over the bow and access to a private outside deck area with the pool.

On the main deck we installed aquarium directly into the deck surface between aft seating areas which is transperent and you can see through it directly to the pool in beach club area. And from the pool in the beach club you can enjoy the natural lights that comes throug the aquarium.

The yacht has functional and spacious beach club area thanks to installed huge glass openings in the side. The glasses can be opened and with transformable platfroms can be used in order to connect sea and beach club area.

The interior is fully customizable according to the owner’s need and has impressive levels of accommodation with flexibility for up to 18 guests.

Max speed is 17 knots. Construction materials are steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

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